Buddy Guy
Centennial Hall, London, Ontario
April 29, 2015 8:00 PM

The Great Lakes Blues Society was proud to partner with Brian Mortimer of Karma Productions for the 25th Firehall Reunion.  Due to the generosity of many folks, the  Blues Society was able to gather approximately $3,400 worth of gift certificates and items, along with a guitar that was signed by all artists on stage to sell tickets on throughout the evening.  With the donation from Mortz back to the Blues In The Schools from ticket sales made by members, and with the amazing efforts of the Society's ever ready volunteers, we raised $1,800 for the BITS program.  The guitar was won by Kim Poots, and the basket by Kate Petley of Owen Sound.  Congratulations to both!   The Society sends out a heartfelt thank you to Brian for asking us to be his non-profit for this year's reunion. 

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